It is the third enemy in Book 4,Chapter 2. It looks like the Angry Ewe in Bookworm Adventures Deluxe.

Differences of Angry Ewe and A SheepEdit

  • Angry Ewe's eyes is X while A Sheep's eyes are just normal eyes.
  • A Sheep looks a little angry but Angry Ewe doesn't look angry.
  • A Sheep has a pink ribbon.
  • Angry Ewe only have 1 attack but A Sheep has 2 attacks.
  • Their dying in different ways. Angry Ewe dies bending it's knees on the ground while A Sheep turns into a food with a pink ribbon.
  • Their heart number is different.


Hearts: 5

  •    Sheep-fu- Damages Lex.
  •    Ground Pound- Locks tiles and damages Lex.

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