Armored is an ailment first used by Medusa in the final chapter of Book 1. It is used on many enemies for protection and less damage. It is depicted with a knight's helmet and a body and two gauntlets on it. If Lex attacks an enemy with weak power, it won't deplete an enemy's heart, meaning the enemy is resistant to damage. Sometimes, this status is hidden on some characters (such as Dracula).

Armored StatusEdit

  • Lightly Armored - This monster is slightly resistant to damage. The enemy has light armor. It is first used by Medusa in Bookworm Adventures and the Pig Monster in Bookworm Adventures 2.
  • Armored - This monster is moderately resistant to damage. The enemy has medium armor. It is first used by Maladin in Bookworm Adventures 1 and Erlang Shen in Bookworm Adventures 2.
  • Heavily Armored - This monster is very resistant to damage. The enemy has heavy armor. It is first used by Connystein in Bookworm Adventures. This status only appears in Bookworm Adventures.


Bookworm AdventuresEdit

The status appears in the lore and is included with some immunity ailments. No damage is received if Lex is powered down.

Bookworm Adventures 2Edit

Instead of appearing in the lore, the status appears right next to the enemy. If you move your cursor on the status, a tip will say that the enemy is either lightly armored or moderately armored. The light armor only appears in Chapter 2 and later medium armor later appears in Chapter 3. It is used once by Erlang Shen in Chapter 2. All enemies have the status right next to them, except the Bull Demon King.

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