Hello guys hope you like my idea!

one day, lex and his companions are enjoying traveling to the every books with the help of the new magic pen the new magic pen formed by the the bookworm god, which often uses when transports to every book. but when they got back into the library, lex forgot his magic wand, which is very important to him. then they back to the book entitled <Enkantadya>. after defeating the 3 chapters, the knight says <I can help you to find your magic wand, if i had the enchanted map of this world>. After defeating Chapter 4-6, Lex and the knight totally finally find the enchanted map of the world. the map says, that the magic wand is in the palace of Mireo, the palace of all treasures.after defeating chapter 7, they met <the enchantress> which can help them in Lex's Journey.After defeating chapter 10,Amahan says that <the magic wand you"ll totally find is not here in this palace, But The wolf amahan saws in the Balintataw of imaw is the wolf stealed the magic wand.then they go back to the library with the empty treasures. then they go to the book entitled <Bloodwolf World>.

Book 8 Bloodwolf World

After the previous book, Lex And his companions are starting to find the magic wand and stop The <Evil demon big bad mighty wolf>. After defeating the 3 chapters, Lex and his companions meet Maddy Smells. She said< Probably Who stole your magic wand is The wild Bloodwolves, And also Rhydian Parriss Can help us too>. After Defeating Chapter 4-7, THey meet Rhydian Parriss and he said that< Alcsin,The wild Leader of the wolves stole your magic wand,But before that my wolfbanes Bracelet are stoled also to the Dragon wolves>. after defeating chapter 10, Alcsin said that <no longer your magic wand would be no power, as you defeat me i tell you your missing treasures>.Alcsin told lex where is the missing treasures.After that they go back to the library With tornado is coming and they travel to the book entitled <The Persuasive King>. To be continued.

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