The main antagonists are the prime adversaries and the head of various conspiracies in Bookworm Adventures.

Dracula, Codex and Bigger Brother are the main antagonists of their games.

Some characters as the secondary antagonists (Skeletrox, Grim, Maladin, Mirage Xel...) have bigger connections to evil deeds but lesser degree are still considered as the main villains.

Note: Cassandra is one of Lex's companions and the deuteragonist of the first game, not an antagonist. Banshee is a common enemy, neither boss nor evil deeds involvement. Some antagonists match as the "former" means they are not currently in the role, Skeletrox is the great example, Dracula was known as the primary antagonist overall the game but the plot has been twisted as Codex turned into the main antagonist.


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