"He is a bird of good education, endowed with a phenomenal lexicographical faculty."


Book Barage
Power Surge
Pen Blast
Book Slap




3+4-letter Immunity





Professor Codex was the main antagonist of Bookworm Adventures. He helped Lex in Books 1 and 2, but in Book 3, he finally revealed he never wanted Cassandra to be saved. He is the final boss of the first Bookworm Adventures game.He has 30 hearts

Along with Dracula and The Machine, he is one of the most powerful enemies in Bookworm Adventures.


Attack name Attacks Description Action
Book Barrage [Bld][Att] Cuts and Damages Lex Three books fly to Codex, then he throws them at Lex.
Book Slap [Smh][Lck][Plg] Smashes tiles, Locks tiles, and Plagues a tile An open book appears in front of Lex's face, then Codex closes the book on Lex's face.
Power Surge [Hal][Prf][PoU][PoD] Heals and Purifies enemy, Boosts enemy's attack, and Weakens Lex Codex hangs the Magic Pen high up, then a flash of lightning strikes to him.
Pen Blast [Psn][Brn][Frz] Poisons, Burns, and Freezes Lex Codex throws the Magic Pen to Lex, then appears at his hand after it hits Lex.
3+4 Letter Immunity [Imm] Enemy is immune to 3 and 4 letter words 3 and 4 lettered words cannot be used to attack him.

Codex's Avatar

Ss03-1 cshahn

Codex and Lex in the opening intro.


Bookworm AdventuresEdit

He appeared as leader of books, mentor of Lex and the Head Librarian in the Great Library. He has a special magic pen which he uses most often. Although he helped Lex, he appeared to be the main antagonist. He claimed before being defeated by Lex that he will never save Cassandra. One possibility is meanwhile in Book 1 he told Lex that he must be pulled out of the book to rest but Lex refuses. This is somehow one possibility that he REALLY never wanted Cassandra to be saved. Here is the dialogue that appears after defeating Codex:

Codex: Recalcitrant verminous annelid! You have not defeated me yet! I'll simply build a bigger army, and sadly your timer has reached ZERO.


Codex: Any last words, gullible grub? 


(Codex is destroyed) 

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