Dish and Spoon (Boss)
Dish AND Spoon
"Dish and Spoon went up a hill

To fetch a pail of water. Dish fell down and broke his crown While Spoon was totally okay." -Tome of Knowledge


T-Spoon, Whirling Service, Spork







Inspired by

Traditional "Hey Diddle Diddle"

Dish and Spoon are the first bosses in Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2 The Dish has hands and feet while the Spoon has no hands but has feet. It is the first enemy to use high damage attack.


Attack name Attacks Description Action
T-Spoon [Att] Damages Lex Dish bends backwards, Spoon jumps to it and Dish tosses Spoon and it hits Lex.
Whirling Service [Bld][Att] Cuts and Damages Lex Dish spins quickly, then flies to Lex and cuts Lex.
Spork [Att] Greatly Damages Lex Dish holds on Spoon and quickly tosses Spoon to Lex.


  • According to the Tome of Knowledge, it says that they go up the hill, like Jack and Jill.

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