Castle gargoyle

"In this maelstrom of evil, even stone moves as though alive." -Van Helsing's Vampires

The Gargoyle is the second enemy to appear in Chapter 9, Book 3. It is essentially a larger and more powerful version of the Tombstone Gargoyle that is not standing on a tombstone, with their attacks and appearance similar.



Pierce Heart

Evil Gaze

Open Wound

Hearts 24
Enhancements Heavy Armor, Poison Immunity, Freeze Immunity
Vulnerablities None
Book 3
Chapter 9
Order 2nd

Ability Description Action
Pierce Heart Damages Lex The Gargoye jumps at Lex and claws him using its fingers.
Evil Gaze Damages and Petrifies Lex, Changes tiles From its eyes, the Gargoyle shoots red light beams at Lex.
Open Wound Cuts and Damages Lex, Smashes tiles The Gargoyle jumps at Lex and uses its foot talons to wound Lex.
Curse Eternal Enemy is very resistant to Damage, and is immune to Poison and Freeze N/A

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