Liwa Is A Purple Worm With A Mad Hat

Liwa Gulps Enemies Whole

3 Letters - up to 2 hearts gulp

4 letters - up to 3 hearts gulp

5 letters - up to 4 hearts gulp

6 letters - up to 5 hearts gulp

7 letters - up to 6 hearts gulp

8 letters - up to 8 hearts gulp

9 letters - up to 10 hearts gulp

10 letters - up to 12 hearts gulp

11 letters - up to 13 hearts gulp

12 letters - up to 14 hearts gulp

13 letters - up to 16 hearts gulp

14 letters - up to 17 hearts gulp

15 letters - up to 19 hearts gulp

16 letters - up to 20 hearts gulp

1 heart enemies liwa gulps trojan spearman how to play

2 heart enemies liwa gulps trojan warrior alexander angry ewe healthy hearts powerful potions mixing it up cat fiddle

3 heart enemies liwa gulps war hound trojan captain polydamas angry mountain goat angry ram en gaurde space cow

4 heart enemies liwa gulps cyclops herder enchanted hound enchanted eagle the moon a chicken a pig previous lex hydra heads 1 - 4

5 heart enemies liwa gulps cyclops warrior siren sea witch dish and spoon a sheep straw pig hydra heads 5 - 6

6 heart enemies liwa gulps sea serpent sea elemental kraken enchanted lion enchanted ram harpy a cow stick pig swindler

7 heart enemies liwa gulps polyphemus scyllia enchanted scropion enchanted serpent shade specter phantom griffon hydra main head old macdonald brick pig grandma candlestick the gingerbread man

8 heart enemies liwa gulps charybdis banshee manticore harpy witch More Coming Soon

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