Maladin is the one of two tertiary antagonists and one of the main antagonists of Arabian Knight in Bookworm Adventures.

Role in the gameEdit

After the Forty ThievesEdit

Maladin appears talking to Lex that he defeated the forty thieves.


In Crazy Murray's shop, Lex confronts Maladin.

Enemy descriptionEdit

Maladin is the boss in Chapter 8 of Arabian Knight. He has thirty hearts.

Attack Effect
Flurry of Fists Damages Lex.
Flying Skull Weakens and damages Lex.
Barrel of Arrows Cuts and damages Lex.
Dragon in a Basket Burns and damages Lex
Bottled Lightning Stuns, smashes tiles, and damages Lex.

Trivia Edit

He is based on Aladdin the Mal alluding to his betrayal of Lex.

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