Medusa is the main antagonist of Book 1, She is the guard where Cassandra was placed and the final boss of Oedipus Lex in Bookworm Adventures. She has thirty hearts.She is the only final or female chapter boss to be summoned by Codex.



  • Armor
Attack Name Description Action
Petrifying Gaze Petrifies Lex Medusa petrifies Lex
Greater Life Leech Steals Lex's health and heals the enemy. Medusa gets life from Lex
Poison Volley Poisons and Damage Lex Medusa uses one of her snake to release venom from its mouth.
Curse of the Medusa        Power downs, curses, and damages Lex. Medusa gets up on her two hands and curses Lex
3-Letter Word Immunity Enemy is immune to 3-letter words. N/A

Real-life backgroundEdit

In Greek mythology, Medusa is one of the famous figures as well known today. She is known for petrifying her enemies with stone. Perseus cut off her head, which killed the mortal monster, hence, the treasure of this chapter is the Medusa bust, her head itself