Mirage Xel
Mirage Xel
Where am I? What's happening? Was anything ever real?


Skull Shatter
Crazed Laughter
Burning Tile




Warped Words





Mirage Xel is the one of two tertiary antagonists also one of the secondary antagonists in Book 2: Arabian Knight and the first bug boss and is the boss of Chapter 7 in Book 2 of Bookworm Adventures. He looks a lot like Lex, but he's purple, wears a necktie, and has square-rimmed glasses. He also doesn't exist.


Attack name Attacks Description Action
Skull Shatter [Lck][Att] Locks Tiles and Damages Lex Mirage Xel headbutts Lex.
Crazed Laughter [Hal][PoU] Heals and strengthens the enemy Mirage Xel giggles.
Burning Tile [Brn][Smh][Att] Smashes tiles, burns and damages Lex Mirage Xel spits a burning tile to Lex.
Warped Words [Imm][Wkn] Enemy is immune to 3-letter words but weak to "fruits" and "vegetables". 3 lettered words cannot be used to attack Mirage Xel but "fruits" and "vegetables" do extra damage to him.


  • Mirage Xel, The Caterpillar, Previous Lex and The Butterfly are the only bug bosses.
  • The word Xel is a backward word of Lex.
  • The Burning Tile attack is similar to Lex attacking by spitting a tile at the enemy in the sequel.

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