This is where you play the mini-games. It appears every 3 chapters. You could also play it in the main menu by completing the second book. Some mini-games have a timer and some doesn't have timer. You award this by completing it:

Health Potion (the only prize in Bookworm Adventures Deluxe)

Power-Up Potion

Purify Potion

Amethyst Tile

Ruby Tile

Diamond Tile


Mutant Words- spell words about words

Golden Coins- golden coins cost 2 coins

Word Up- spell words quickly before Moxie reaches the top of the mountain

Link n' Spell- turn a row of tiles into gold

Letter Rip- spell words before time runs out (use anagrammer if you can't think words)

Word Master- guest Moxie's mystery word


  • In Bookworm Adventures Deluxe, the mini-game huts could appear multiple times while in Vol. 2 could appear once at a time.
  • Tiles could also change colors like red,silver and gold.
  • Spelling words will add some time.
  • It appears too when you lose a chapter.
  • The hut disappears when you abandon the game.
  • In Vol. 2, completing each book will make new mini-games.
  • Lex can't do his secrets when you click him.​


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