Power Down is a attack which used by various enemies had encountered in the game.

Like it's name it also can Weakened Lex's Attack power.however Lex can canceling this attack using Power Up Potion or Purify Potion.And Lex also can Putting a Power Down Status to enemies by Using a Garnet tile.Later in sequel enemies also can using a power down attack up least 4 Turns.

TIPS to Using Power Down.Edit

-using only in Emergency situation.

-Don't Ever to use this attack to enemies that was had a Power Up and Purifies abilities.

-Using this attack only on Harder enemies Such as Medusa or Grim Reaper.

-The Player also can Trapping the enemies those one unarmed with Power Up or Purifies abilities. And the one of them is using 2 Garnet tiles in order to Weakening enemies attacks. Especially for Harder enemies that Tough to Defeat.


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