Shields are attacks used by enemies introduced in the second chapter of Book 5 in Bookworm Adventures Volume 2. They are minor attacks in the game.

Types of ShieldEdit

  • Reflection - If Lex hits an enemy when on use, it will damage Lex. Like Poison, this effect will deal more damage on Lex.
  • Absorption - If Lex hits an enemy when on use, the enemy will take less damage.
  • Immunity - The enemy will be temporarily immune to three to four-letter words. It is only used once by the Gluttonous Monk.

Enemies that use ShieldsEdit

Book 2Edit

  • Wrathful Monk
  • Slothful Monk
  • Greedy Monk
  • Gluttonous Monk
  • Prideful Monk
  • Bull Demon King
  • Sword
  • War

Book 3Edit

  • Overliege
  • The Machine (Phase 2)

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