Swashbuckler is one of the enemies to be fought in Book 2, chapter 5.


The Swashbuckler is the 4th enemy to be fought in Book 2, chapter 5. It has 24 hearts.


Attacks Description Action
Left Handed Damages Lex The Swashbuckler uses its left sword to attack lex.
Right Handed Poisons Lex The Swashbuckler uses its right sword to poison Lex.
Potent Grog Heals, Purifies and Power-Ups Swashbuckler The Swashbuckler drinks an elixir that makes him heal and boost his attack.


The Swashbuckler has 2 swords on its hands. The Left Hand is shorther than the Right hand. He had a ponytail on his hair and tattoos all over his body.

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