The Monkey King alongside Lex's companions

Skeletrox, the Monkey King is both: a companion and boss in Bookworm Adventures 2.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Cloud FormEdit

Hearts: 24       

Storm Strike- burns and damages Lex

Mind Fog- changes tiles and damages Lex

Monkey Punch- damages Lex

Lex sometimes resist harmful effects.

Tree FormEdit

Hearts: 24

Crushing Grip- damages Lex

Bloom- heals the enemy

Staff Bop- damages Lex

Heals Lex for half heart or two quarters.

Fire FormEdit

Hearts: 26

Inferno Spear- burns and damages Lex

Playing With Fire- smashes tiles and damges Lex

Staff Bop- damages Lex

Burns enemy when it attacks. Damage: 1 quarter.

Ant FormEdit

Hearts: 26

Pinching Bite- cuts and damages Lex

Boulder Toss- stuns and damages Lex

Quick Punch- damages Lex

Lex's damage is slightly increase.

The Monkey King/Iron FormEdit

Hearts: 29

Prideful Taunt- mocks Lex (no damage)

Wrecking Ball- stuns and damages Lex

Molten Iron Fists- burns and damages Lex

Earthquaker- smashes tiles and damages Lex

Lex is Lightly Armored.


  • He has 129 hearts if you plus his health.
  • It is also a book or a chapter.
  • In Spanish, it is called El Rey Mono.

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