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Complete Set of Treasures in Bookworm Adventures

Bookworm treasure room

Complete Set of Treasures and Companions in Bookworm Adventures Volume 2

Treasures are special items in Bookworm Adventures where it will improve Lex's fighting abilities. Lex can only choose 3 treasures if he has more than 3 of it (or 2 in the sequel). Some treasures can upgrade to become stronger. Take note that Treasures that have been bolded means that they belong in that Book, and italicized ones mean they are in the separate Book. Books 1, 2, & 3 belong in Bookworm Adventures while Books 4, 5, & 6 in the sequel, treasures from the predecessor don't appear in the sequel (except the Magic Pen). Here are the list of treasures.

Book 1: Oedipus LexEdit

Book 2: Arabian KnightEdit

Book 3: LexonomiconEdit

  • Magistrate's Map > Silver Compass
  • Wanderer's Hourglass > Grim's Timepiece
  • Gargantuan Girdle > Immortal Wrapping (does not work)
  • Wolfbane Necklace > Slayer Talisman
  • Quadrumvir Signet
  • The Magic Pen

Book 4: Fractured FairytalesEdit

  • Bovine Boosters > Impossible Engine (in Book 6)
  • Mac's Alamanac > Master's Zodiac (in Book 5)
  • Singing Harp > Looking Glass
  • Just Right Porridge
  • Gumdrop Necklace > Collapsible Iron Rod (in Book 5)
  • Mad Hat > Time Helmet (in Book 6)
  • Eat me Drink me > Escape Button (in Book 6)

Book 5: The Monkey KingEdit

  • Tiger's Tooth > Monkey Paw (in Book 6)
  • Tao of Lex > Enlightenment
  • Master's Zodiac (upgrade of Mac's Almanac)
  • Super Sutra > Book of Dead
  • Collapsible Iron Rod (upgrade of Gumdrop Necklace)
  • Celestial Key > SemiFlange (in Book 6)

Book 6: Astounding PlanetEdit

  • Impossible Engine (upgrade of Bovine Boosters)
  • Monkey Paw (upgrade of Tiger's Tooth)
  • Time Helmet (upgrade of Mad Hat)
  • The Magic Pen > Magic Pen Cap
  • SemiFlange (upgrade of Celestial Key)
  • Escape Button (upgrade of Eat Me Drink Me)
  • Champion's Cake (upgrade of Breakfast)

Tutorial (in Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2)Edit

  • Breakfast > Champion's Cake (in Book 6)


  • In Bookworm Adventures, you have 18 treasures (considering upgraded treasures as one unit). In the sequel, you have fewer treasures, 13 to be exact. This is due to the addition of Companions.
  • Even though you can't have the treasures in the first edition for the sequel, you can still see some of the treasures in the sequel, appearing on the shelves in the game menu.
  • The Magic Pen is the only treasure that appeared in both games. However, the second version has a different function from its predecessor and it can be 'upgraded'.
    • It is also the only treasure to have the shortest upgraded period in the sequel. Having only one chapter to be upgraded.

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