Vampire Mistress

"There was something about her that made me uneasy." -Van Helsing's Vampires

Vampire Mistress is the 3rd enemy to appear on Chapter 9, Book 3. She constantly hovers over the ground by flapping her small wings.




Deadly Kiss

Vampire Bite

Hearts 25

Heavy Armor, Poison Immunity, Freeze Immunity

Vulnerabilities None
Book 3
Chapter 9
Order 3rd




Ability Description Action
Claw Damages Lex The Vampire flies to Lex and claws him.
Deadly Kiss Stuns, Bleeds, and Damages Lex The Vampire flies to Lex and kisses him.
Vampire Bite Weakens and Damages Lex, Heals and Purifies enemy The Vampire flies to Lex and bites him.
Curse Eternal Enemy is very resistant to Damage, and is immune to Poisin and Freeze N/A



  • During her opening animation sequence, and when she performs
    Angry Vampiress

    Appearance of mistress whilst performing Vampire Bite

    the Claw and Vampire Bite attacks, her hands and hair will glow red, while her hair also bends upward.
  • When she dies, she disintegrates, but her clothes and skeleton remain, unlik
    Dead Mstress skeleton

    Dead Vampire Mistress

    e the other two vampires, which disintegrate into nothingness on death.

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